Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Eyebrow Disaster

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artquest1 said...

Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did - that so rarely occurs (that ought to get all of your readers stirred up, eh?).
Since you enjoy Jersey Girl, you will probably also be amused by Plunger Girl:

Nori said...

Maya watches me everytime I prick mine! and she looks soooooo amused by it and looks like she has some idea... having read here, I think I need to do that when she's out from now on... (and today she saw me pricking other parts of my body and she looked very disgusted... urgh)

lynnedjones said...

Thats funny, i too have disturbing memories of eyebrow plucking at that age.
I like your pictures

Nuclear Girl said...

Love your draws. I also have notice that we had lived many storys in common. I use glasses, collored curly hair (black, pink and purple) and gets sick about...last year I cut it out with a children scissor and were something really big at my life...Now it's all nature and I'm cool with that. The format of my face are circle and my eyes are big and brown...
I also like illustrations of Neil Gaiman, dislike incomming rings and tolerate a lot of unkind mans because of my hairstyle(but now I found my soulmate).

I think you're telling a history of many girls like myself. And that's awesome...I really enjoyed.
Became a fan of yours and wants to read more news here.

I live in Manaus/Amazonas, a very far place for good informations like yourself.

Anyway, coment here to make a friend and express how I get touch emotionaly. As a gratitude.

Thanks! And sorry for my english mistakes...