Friday, 10 July 2009


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Steve said...

Sorry about your computer. I love how you compared it to a wounded soldier, though! :o)
I'm glad to see the creative juices flowing again.

Anonymous said...

Exactly this happened to me. And nothing and no one could remove it either, but I was told it was called "The So-big Virus" and all I could do, really, was scrap everything and start again. So I took my computer to Bingley Bob, the old crazy genius-guy who lives in the rainforest, and he went into it and came back with "Genius, whoever created this is a Genius!" and then he said "It's so clever - a veritable work of art - I feel awful removing it. Please, please let me keep it!"

So I left it with him and simply got myself a new computer.

Hope you got off more lightly than me.


Denise said...

Oh, simply adore your blog, BTW! You are just so very, very clever.