Friday, 2 May 2008

Presentation hell #1

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artquest1 said...

What a delightful and whimsical blog! And then I discovered you have multiple blogs - what to do? Must I spend all evening rummaging through all of them before I compliment, or dare I just "say my piece" and save the rest for Saturday (which is scheduled to be a rainy day), and therefore fitting to do whatever flighty things I choose.
I shall do the latter.

artquest1 said...

It is only Friday, and as expected, I have cheated, for, as we all know, nothing is sacred. The tissues of lies become the handkerchief of deceit, which ultimately morphs into the shawl of charlatans and chimeras.
That said, I saw one of your illustrated vignettes where you rearrange the randomly colo(u)red horror books. I remember reading about a bookstore, somewhere in California (San Francisco I believe) that temporarily closed for two days and all of the books in the entire store were rearranged by colo(u)r as opposed to subject or author.
People liked it.
Today is cloudy but not yet raining.
Saturday rain is coming.